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Kenneth Bordewick is a top designer who has designed for Prince Charles. He is the founder of his own design company, Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors. Kenneth is the one designer in the world who knows what it's like to be awarded the job of creating design upgrades for royal residences such as the Kensington Palace library. Read More... kenneth      bordewick      All     
In 2015, all vehicles manufactured is going to be outfitted with car dashboard camcorder recorders called EDR ( Event Data Recorders) Today, individuals are purchasing these dashcams as safety devices to be used as eye witness testimony in the event of accidents & for recording events happening on our roads. Read More... camera for car      All     
Casa Felipe Flores is located right in the center of the historic section of San Cristobal de Las Casas, just two blocks from a main pedestrian walkway leading to the central plaza and park (zocalo) where the Cathedral, tourist office and a gazebo are located. Read More... bed and breakfast san cristobal de las c      All     
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